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Conceived in University of Twente's ITC Faculty in the Netherlands, GeoNAREM is a multinational environmental and natural resource organization with expertise in the application of geospatial tools in planning and implementation of responsible management of natural resources

GeoNAREM is currently represented in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea (PNG)

GeoNAREM supports institutions and processes to better understand landscapes through spatial and discipline-specific intelligence approaches

We work and engage from the local level and upwards of the supply chain to influence the development and uptake of responsible management

We are ready to work with you! Get in touch with us for smart spatial solutions.


GeoNAREM stands for Geoinformation for Natural Resources and Environmental Management. We are  a multinational organization with discipline-specific expertise in the application of geospatial tools in the planning and implementation of responsible management of natural resources, as well as in collaborative stakeholder planning and decision making.

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   What We Do   

Application of Geospatial technology has often appeared too technical for actors in other professions and in this case they have not been able to harness its full potential. On the other hand Geo-developers face the challenge of rolling out of their applications in an adaptable manner that enhances its use case values.


GeoNAREM therefore aims to bridge this gap through the application and provision of Geospatial tools and services to improve people's livelihood.


Vision: The vision of the organization is a society where livelihoods are secured through better management of environment and natural resources.

Mission: The mission of the organization is to improve access to Geo-information and to apply knowledge and technology in environmental and natural resource management for better livelihoods.



  1. Facilitate stakeholder access to innovative and user friendly Geospatial tools to support environment and natural resource management

  2. Enhance stakeholder capacity to apply relevant geospatial tools in the management of environment and natural resources.

  3. Provide specialized technical support to programs and institutions who promote responsible and sustainable management of natural resources.

  4. Contribute knowledge, experience and resources in promoting social welfare, poverty alleviation, food security and livelihood empowerment.

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    Our Team    

The core of our organization lies in the extraordiary talent and creativity of our team members. They are the faces behind the action and the human machines who make the magic happen. Below are the profiles of our highly professional, yet very cool experts.


Click on a team member's picture to see their full or LinkedIn profile.

Aristotle Boaitey, Ghana
Team Leader


Aristotle is a computer-savvy natural resource management expert with four years working experience in training, IT, project design and execution. 

He has provided specialized, technical support to small and medium forest-based industries and stakeholders on trade regulations, certification (FSC, SAN, RSPO) and sustainable natural resource management. He has working proficiency in French as a second language.




Stephen Kibet, Kenya
Chief Technical Officer


Steve has over three years of dedicated application of GIS and Remote Sensing in food security and soil conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa. His works as consultant focused on data analysis and project mapping. He loves challenges and you will often find him fixing spatial data issues, no wonder every spatial problem to him is not a problem, rather a challenge.





Edson Mwijage, Tanzania
Chief  of Operations


Edson has over two years work experience in Remote sensing and Geodatabase for Environment and Geological projects. As GIS and database manager at Jacana Resource Mineral exploration, he established and maintained a fully functional geodatabase. He also has working knowledge in environmental rehabilitation as well as in precious minerals such as Uranium, graphite and heavy minerals.




Agnes Sumareke, PNG
Chief Finance Officer


Agnes is a forester by profession with over 10 years experience in the Forest Research Institute of Papua New Guinea Forest Authority . She specialises silviculture; mainly rehabilitation of logged-over and degraded natural forest with focus on climate change. She has also worked in donor-funded forestry projects such as developing the PNG Forest Base Map (JICA) and promoting fuelwood production (ACIAR).




Maurice Mugabowindekwe,
Country Lead, Rwanda

Maurice is experienced in Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing with more than three years of experience in research, consultancy and higher learning institutions. His works focus on geospatial analysis for environment, natural resources management and food security. Personally, he believes that social transformation and life improvement comes from self-motivation, critical thinking and inter-dependency among community members.


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Our Work

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Company Registration no. BN476112017

Tel: +233 540 180846



Company Registration no. 126124 

Tel: +255 766 292 162

Papua New Guinea:

Company Registration no. 6-21563

Tel: +675 7238 0040


Tel: +254 723 424704


Tel: +250 788 520 135

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