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Featured on the cover of ITC Magazine!

GeoNAREM has been featured on the cover of the quarterly magazine of ITC, the University of Twente's faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation. This issue of the magazine was focused on highlighting the stories of entrepreneurial start-ups by alumni of the various domains in ITC. It features four of such start-ups: GeoCensos, Geodata Consultants Ltd, AmbientSensing and yours truly, GeoNAREM. It also has articles on ongoing projects in ITC including the its4land Project as well as the STARS project. It is worth noting that our Steve, Chief Technical Officer, worked with the STARS project for a while before returning to Kenya after his MSc. Please read through the online version of the magazine below.

The full GeoNAREM story is featured on pages 12 and 13

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